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New report concludes children with SEND are disadvantaged during lockdown

A study funded by the Nuffield Foundation exploring how education provision duringthe pandemic has changed for children and young people with SEND who attend special schools has concluded that 20,000 children (14%) who have special needs and disability (SEND) are unlikely to resume classes as a result of safety concerns.

Many parents expressed concerns about sending their children back to school in September because their children were medically vulnerable or because their child’s needs mean that they cannot adhere to social distancing and safe practices.

The report published by ASK Research and entitled “Special Education during lockdown: Returning to schools and colleges in September” included in-depth interview with more than 200 head teachers from Schools and Colleges in England who felt that the government’s guidance had been unclear and showed a lack of understanding of how special schools work.

More than 500 parents of children who attend special schools were also interviewed by researchers.

The survey concluded that:

  • 84% of special school and college leaders think some of their pupils will not return to school this term.
  • 64% thought this was because parents do not think it would be safe.
  • 98% of special school and college leaders said they have pupils who they thought would find adhering to safe practice and social distancing from adults, difficult. 

You read the full report here 

Tell us what your thoughts are on children with special needs returning to School during the pandemic. What are your specific concerns? Have you sent your child back to School? If so, how has your child coped? Do you feel that your child is happier and/or safer at home rather than at School?

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