Grant funding: music and The Arts

There are lots of organisations out there who offer grants for children and children's organisations who have special needs or disability - everything from holidays through to disability equipment.

Here are just a few grant opportunities available for those keen on music and the arts:

The Amber Trust

Funds music awards to visually impaired children aged up to 18 years. The awards will pay for music lessons, music therapy, musical instruments, specialist music software, concert tickets and travel to musical events.Parents and carers are able to make direct applications by downloading an application form.

Award applications are considered three times a year in March, July and December.

Contact The Amber Trust on 0300 323 994.

EMI Music Sound Foundation Awards

The EMI Music Sound Foundation provides instrument and equipment awards to schools, music teachers and individuals in full time education.

The Foundation has helped over 7,500 students, schools and teachers improve their access to music through the purchase or upgrade of musical instruments and/or equipment.

Grants up to £1,500 are available towards the purchase of musical instruments or/and equipment.

Bursaries are also offered to students to study at specified music colleges/organisations.

Contact the EMI Music Sound Foundation Awards on 0203 932 6101

Grants for the Arts

Grants for the Arts is an open access funding programme for individuals, art organisations and other people who use the arts in their work.

The Arts Council England are offering awards from £1,000 to £100,000 to support a wide variety of arts-related activities, from dance to visual arts, literature to theatre, music to combined arts.

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis and there is no deadline for applications.

Contact The Arts Council England on 0161 934 4317

Jessie's Fund

Jessie's Fund helps seriously ill and disabled children in the UK by using music for communication and therapy.

The fund mainly works with children's hospices by providing them with a wide range of musical instruments to give the children access to creative music-making and music therapy. It also works with schools for children with special needs, hospitals, and other centres for children with special needs.

Jessie's Fund is able to support the funding of a music therapist for three years and the purchase of musical instruments.

Individual children are also able to apply for funding towards music therapy sessions.

Contact Jessie's Fund on 01904 658 189 or by email to











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