Teamwork makes the EHCP dream work

The phrase ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ needs a rethink, especially when it comes to supporting children with special educational needs. Teamwork between schools, parents and outside organisations is crucial in helping a pupil reach their true potential but it is the pupil’s achievement which has to be the main focus.

After the law changed in 2014, stating that by 1 April 2018 all statements of SEN will need to be replaced by Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP), it became clear that the role of the SENCO was more vital than ever in order for children with special educational needs to succeed.

The purpose of the changes is to give young people and their families a say in the decisions that directly affect them. The EHCP process aims to support children in reaching their full potential at school and moving into adulthood in addition to enhancing working relationships between education, health and care teams.

Teamwork is one of the most important elements for every person involved in the EHCP process to get right. Sharing information and data is so vital in helping the individual at the centre of the plan achieve to the best of their ability and gives them every chance to succeed in later life.

Management systems

There are EHCP Management systems out there that can help bring all the different parties together on a single platform and make the process a lot less time consuming for SENCOs and everyone else involved. At Educater, we have recognised that information sharing between education, health and care professionals is a significant concern and in addition to the statutory requirements already in place, there has to be a change in culture. Educater’s software, designed to support SENCOs, brings together professionals through the same online platform and helps create person-centred approaches with a strong emphasis on positive engagement with children and their families.

Educater SEND

A special school in Hull that caters for approximately 160 pupils has used Educater SEND to improve collaboration in their school. The head teacher has said:
“Educater improves efficiency, minimising human error, and allowing staff to spend more time in the classroom with the pupils. We are a pupil focused school and we feel that Educater helps us to be fully pupil centric and more professional in how we do things.”

“By using Educater to manage and process our EHCPs, we will see a substantial time saving as well as ensuring that all of our EHCP’s are compliant and completed in a timely and professional manner.”

In many cases, it is schools driving EHC Plans rather than the intended multi-agency approach. Educater’s SEND module improves communication across agencies, increasing a school’s reputation for professionalism and productivity. By providing better management of the EHCP process, the SEND module provides a quicker turnaround and ultimately supports actions for pupils resulting in more effective learning.

Instead of just working together, the EHCP process needs to motivate everyone involved to allow every individual to flourish. The child who is at the heart of the process has to be better off at the end of it. Togetherness Encourages Amazing Marks.

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