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Recent News

New special schools to create 3,500 places

The Department for Education has announced that thousands of new school places are being created for children with special educational needs or those facing additional challenges in mainstream education, providing tailored support to help children thrive.

Every region in the country will benefit from a new school, which include 37 special free schools and two alternative provision free schools. The new schools will boost choice for parents and provide specialist support and education for pupils with complex needs such as autism, severe learning difficulties or mental health conditions, and those who may have been or are at risk of being excluded from mainstream schools.

The 39 will create 3,459 extra places for pupils and will be located as follows:

  • Three will be in the North East providing 200 places;
  • Five will be in the Yorkshire and Humber region providing 500 places;
  • Six will be in the North West providing 400 places;
  • One in the East Midlands providing 50 places;
  • Four in the West Midlands providing over 400 places;
  • Four in the East of England providing over 300 places;
  • Five in London providing over 400 places;
  • Six in the South West providing 500 places;
  • Three in the South East providing over 300 places;
  • Two alternative provision free schools in the West Midlands creating 100 places for children who have been, or are at danger of being, excluded from mainstream education.

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Head reports that yoga helps behaviour

The BBC reports that children with autism and ADHD attending a primary school in Norfolk have been participating in a trial involving yoga classes.

Head at Reedham Primary, Chris Edwards told The BBC:

“We have seen how the practice of yoga has a profound impact on certain children. They appear to be calmer and more at peace with themselves and their surroundings.

“By being more in control of their feelings, their behaviour and attitudes towards learning and life in general have improved.”

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