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Lack of sunshine in pregnancy could lead to the birth of a child with autism, ADHD or dyslexia

The Daily Mail has reported that research shows that pregnant women who don’t get enough sunshine are more likely to have children with dyslexia, autism or ADHD, a major study suggests.

Researchers found 21 per cent of children conceived during the winter months of February, March and April had a learning disability. In comparison, the figure was just 16.5 per cent for youngsters conceived in June and July. 

The findings come from a major investigation using NASA satellite data and records of more than 400,000 youngsters living in Scotland. 

Experts believe that lack of sunlight in pregnancy leading to lower levels of vitamin D could be responsible 

Previous studies have already shown that the prevalence of autism is higher in populations that are further from the equator than those that are closest to it.

The new study adds more weight to the theory that sunlight and vitamin D play a role, as well as other factors, such as family history, in the development of intellectual disabilities. Vitamin D is considered crucial for a baby’s development, meaning low levels in early pregnancy could affect their brain.

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Specialist dog to launch ADHD book

The Ely Standard reports on Izzy the dog and owner Chris Kent who together have written a book designed to help young people with ADHD recognise their special traits and learn how to manage them.

Izzy and Chris now require the help of professionals to publish their book ‘You, Me and ADHD! – Celebrating ADHD through positive management, mindfulness and understanding’, and now a crowdfunding page has been set up.

The book will be self-published to enable Chris and Izzy to keep control over how it looks, whilst trying to keep the price low and releasing the finished item as soon as possible with additions such as illustrations, design and printing needing to be funded.

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