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Vulnerable children and coronavirus (COV1D-19)

The UK government is writing to all children and adults who as a result of an underlying disease or health condition are classed as “extremely clinically vulnerable”.

The advice in the letter which comes from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Social Care is to stay at home at all times, to avoid face to face contact with those outside of your household for at least twelve weeks (with the exception of health and care workers and carers) in order to avoid coming into contact with the virus.

The letter goes on to invite recipients to register online in order that they can get the support that they need.

Based upon the information supplied when registering, the government states that it will “help with food, essential supplies and extra care”.

You can read more about which illnesses constitute “extremely clinically vulnerable” here 

“I am Autistic” card launched by National Autistic Society

Many people don’t understand autism and how things they take for granted might cause difficulties for people on the spectrum so says the National Autistic Society which has produces a plastic wallet-sized card which people with autism can show to others to make them aware of the condition and the fact that they may need some extra help or time in certain situations.

The plastic card is not been mailed during the coronavirus pandemic – but you can download it here 

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