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Learning Disability Week 2019

This week is Learning Disability Week (17-23 June) and is all about sport and inclusion. Back in 2015, Mencap conducted a survey of three hundred 18 to 35 year olds with a learning disability and found that 49% would like to spend more time outside their house, 18% felt alone and cut-off from other people, and 1 in 3 spent less than 1 hour outside their house on a typical Saturday.

Sport can help with all of the aforementioned issues as it can reduce isolation and loneliness, lead to improved health and wellbeing and greater social inclusion. Throughout Learning Disability Week 2019, Mencap want as many people as possible, with and without learning disabilities to get involved in inclusive sporting activities within their local communities.

There are events taking place all week all across the country and you can find out and get involved in what is happening in your area by visiting the map on the Mencap website here.

Trust launches innovative learning disability passport

As part of 2019 national Learning Disability Awareness Week, a new innovative scheme has been launched in Doncaster, set to make it much easier for people with a learning disability and/or autism to access and receive care and treatment they need across primary care.

Following national success of the Hospital Traffic Light system, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber (RDaSH) NHS Foundation Trust and Doncaster
Clinical Commissioning Group have worked in partnership to create a brand new primary health and care passport that is set to provide an overview of each individual, making it easier for health and care professionals to provide the right treatment.

The passport provides an overview of individuals and behaviours they display when they are well. It includes key information based on who the individual is, how they prefer to communicate, what medication they take and how health and care professionals know if the individual is in pain or displaying signs they may be unwell.

Click here to read more on the scheme.

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