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Charity claims that half of local councils are refusing to supply equipment to children who have special needs

The Mirror reports that disabled children’s charity Newlife say half of local councils are now refusing to supply walking frames, specialised buggies and car seats to around 300,000 children who have special needs.

The charity claims that 50% of local councils are blocking specialist car seats for children with special needs as part of a ban on offering special kit.

The specialised seats are required to keep children with musculoskeletal disorders, seizure disorders or a compromised airway safe.

The charity also found walking frames, specialised buggies, arm supports and high-sided safety beds were not being supplied.

The move means that the cost of specialist equipment must be borne by parents – and the cost can be hefty with specialist car seats costing up to £3,500.

The findings come 12 months after Newlife’s ‘Fix the Four’ report which first exposed the impact that blanket ban policies have on children and families across the UK.

A Freedom of Information Act request by the charity identified 83% of councils in England were refusing to provide specialist car seats, potentially affecting 568,826 disabled children in 2018.

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