Special iApps: helping children to learn and develop

Special iApps was founded in 2011 by Beverley and Colin Dean, parents of a child who has Down Syndrome. When Beverley and Colin discovered that they couldn’t find any suitable apps to teach their son they decided to develop their own!

The business has taken off and Special iApps now have several apps that are teaching children with a variety of special needs and disabilities around the world!!

Why use Special iApps?

Simple! Not only are they award-winning (recognised not least of all as Beverley was awarded an MBE in 2018 for services to exports in educational technology for people with learning disabilities!) but they are different, because they are uncluttered, don't have in-app purchases or adverts, and can be configured and personalised to suit your child.

Special iApps have worked closely with parents, teachers, and education and healthcare professionals to develop the activities within each of their apps in order for them to have a beneficial impact.

What apps are available?

  • Special Words: for help with encouraging speaking and clarity, learning written words, improving fine motor skills and developing hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Special Stories: allows you to use your own images, personalised words and your familiar voices to create unique books that ensure they are prepared for social situations and changes ahead, and to extend reading beyond single words.
  • Special Numbers: designed in collaboration with parents, teachers and educational psychologists, with reference to research into how children acquire mathematical skills, this app includes a range of activities: counting, matching, ordering, comparing and selecting.
  • Match and Find: Working memory is very important for the development of language and numeracy, and the carefully designed activities in this app can help children train and improve their auditory and visual working memory
  • My 1st Signs: developed in collaboration with parents and teachers of children with special educational needs, and teachers or the deaf, you can quickly select which signs to use to grow and access new vocabulary. All signs are in BSL.

What technology do I need to run the apps?

Special Words and Special Stories are available for Apple and Android devices. The other apps are currently available for Apple devices only, but Android versions are in development.

Do I need training to use the apps?

No, they are very easy and intuitive to use, and several include a Quick Start Guide.

How much do the apps cost?

Individual apps are only £12.99 each. A bundle of the first four apps above (the “Special Collection”) are available at the special price of £39.99.

More information

Visit the Special iApps website at here.


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